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Words of Wisdom: Beauty After the Age of 30

Posted by Nadia M on
Words of Wisdom: Beauty After the Age of 30

In my 20s, I felt invincible. I had all the energy I needed, and I could face a new battle every day. That was nearly a decade ago.

But then I turned 30. And everything changed.

While many people say that a woman's best years are in her 30s, this is also a period of anxiety, of fulfilling expectations, of despair, and of getting older.

It is not just about entering a new decade of your life. It also means that you are taking a downward shift in terms of your youth. While some people can't wait to step into their thirtieth year, there are a lot more who wish to stop the time ticking in their race against aging.

Wrinkles, gray hair, fatigue - these are just starters. I am in my thirties now, and I want to share with you not just my secrets that are helping me stay young and vibrant, but also how I manage to stay happy, and avoid depression as I get older.

Get a Life

Many women are focused on their careers. While this is great, no other decade in your life puts you under more pressure to succeed. At the age of 30, you want to be able to prove yourself, and you can only do this if you reach a high status in your career.

So you endure 60-hour work weeks. While you may get on top, it doesn't come without a cost. 

This cost is your happiness and your health. Staring in the computer screen for so long, your eyes will wrinkle. Occupied with work related tasks, you will work long hours, lack sleep, and go through some serious levels of stress.

I gave up partying a while ago, yet this does not mean I do not have a life. Once you hit 30, you might get invited less often, but, hey, - you will have the money to spend.

Meet new friends, and attend parties, but keep yourself under control. Join a gym you've had your eye on for a while. Form new, healthy relationships by fostering social activities such as yoga or pilates class. These social interactions should take off some steam, and make you less stressed as you get your mind off the nuances at work.

Take Care of Yourself

A career woman, you have the funds to buy yourself anything and everything that is good for your body.

As you get older with every passing year, you will start noticing changes in your skin. ECOKISS Strawberry Stem Cell line of products will help with dullness and loss of radiance and sustain your skin's youthful charm and glow for years to come.

Detoxify once in a while, drink plenty of water, take supplements that are rich in anti-oxidants, and you should be fine. And oh, do not forget to exercise. A daily walk, a few reps in your house, or utilizing your gym membership more often does wonders!

Exercise, healthy diet, and the right skin care products will certainly make you stay and feel young.

Build Lasting Relationships

By the age of 30, you are now settled. Maybe you are not married yet, but you know who your friends are. Keep toxic people out of your life, but keep the people you value - people who add meaning to your life.

At 30, it is more difficult to form new and lasting relationships, but it can happen. Also, you have to value existing ones and make sure you keep in touch regularly.

Talking to your loved ones will help you keep your sanity. You will feel overjoyed, knowing that there are people who truly care about you.

If you feel good about yourself, and know that people love you, you are less likely to get depressed.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Going 30 is a scary thing, but it is inevitable. We will all grow up, face new challenges, get older, and have wrinkles in our eyes.. We live in a real world where there is no time machine to take back to your youthful self, you've got to accept each and every change that comes as you step in your thirties. Instead of sulking, we need to embrace it. At every decade, we become a reborn woman. We become stronger, better, and wiser. All these, coupled with the right sentiments and mindset, can make us fulfilled and self-sufficient as we can be. 

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