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Plant Stem Cells in Skincare: What is it and Does it Work?

Posted by Nadia M on
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Stem cells caused a serious buzz in the scientific world. It was horrible because it involved harvesting cells from fetuses. The uproar is gone because now, the new alternative is in town, and we can all benefit from what is called plant stem cells for skincare.

But what is a plant stem cell, and how does it work? Should you even try it? 

What are plant stem cells?

Stem cells are blank cells. They have not yet identified what they are supposed to do. What this means is that they can be programmed or edited for specific use.

In plants, stem cells have the same function. They are blank cells that are also the source of a plant’s vitality. The plant uses these reserves to replace cells that already died. These stem cells will eventually become fully functional tissues.

Think of the clay from earth. You can mold it to become a human figurine, bake it, and then paint it. Or, you can mold into a brick, bake it, and then use it to build a house. 

Plant stem cells are like that. They are blanks that can be molded into a root, fruit, leaf, or anything else that the plant needs to thrive. 

Plant stem cells in skincare: do they work?

Aging occurs because of senescence. It is a condition where the cell cannot duplicate itself anymore. And so if it dies, that cell is gone. 

And this is why we lose our memory, and why our skin wrinkles. Studies show that plant stem cells can help reverse this in a way. Now, you should not think that the plant stem cell for skincare technology is the fountain of youth put in a bottle. 

What it does is to help you combat aging. Studies prove that creams with plant stem cells reduced the occurrences of wrinkle around the eyes. There are also studies showing that plant stem cells can help minimize pores on the skin and regulate oil production.

Skincare products made with plant stem cells is the best type of skincare treatment because it is not invasive, yet effective; and no humans or animals are involved in its extraction.

Plant Stem Cell Benefits

If plant stem cells work, what exactly can we get from it? Is it limited to skin care? Below are some of the benefits of plant stem cells for humans.

  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rich in amino acid content
  • Can boost the synthesis of collagen

Every day, we fight what is called oxidative stress. In it, the oxygen atom in our body splits. Now, this oxygen atom has no electron, which is a vital component for it to be stable. These atoms are now called free radicals.

And what do they do?

They steal the electron of a healthy cell. This healthy cell is now damaged, and unable to do its job. And if a cell cannot do its job, we end up aging, we feel stressed, and we develop diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and many more.

An anti-oxidant is a molecule that acts as a magnet to free radicals. These free radicals will bond with the anti-oxidant, and then our bodies can flush them away, keeping our cells healthy and undamaged. 


You cannot buy plant stem cells, but you can surely help yourself with plant stem cell supplements. Most of these come in the form of creams and other skincare products. 

With plant system cells, you do not only fight free radicals, but you also help your skin boost its collagen production, which will eventually make your skin smoother and more elastic. Start with ECOKISS™ Strawberry Stem Cell collection for your skin and hair, and start noticing the results very soon!

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