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A Complete Guide to Men's Skin Care

Posted by Nadia M on
A Complete Guide to Men's Skin Care

Men are not known to take care of their skin as much as ladies do. But those men who do care about themselves are at a loss for where to even begin. 

Knowing that, we decided to put together a complete guide to men’s skin care to help you prevent skin problems such as acne, pimples, and even dry and flaky skin.

 Let us get you started with the steps to make your skin smoother and brighter. 

Cleanse Your Skin

washing face to cleanse skin

When washing your face and body, use a mild cleanser to prevent skin irritation. 

Wash your face after waking up, and then wash it again before you sleep at night. Never end your day with oily skin, as this will only stay in your pores and lead to various skin problems.  This oil will also transfer itself onto your pillowcase, which will pose problems for your skin on subsequent nights that you do wash your face.

Start the process by warming up your face. Use warm water to wash, and then gently massage your skin. Rinse and then use a gentle cleansing solution, such as ECOKISS Strawberry Stem Cell Face Wash. This face wash smells amazing and purifies face without drying out the skin. Work it up to a lather and apply onto your face thoroughly. Wash with warm water, and then close off with rinsing with cold water to rejuvenate your skin.

Pat your face dry, but do not rub. Rubbing can cause skin irritation, and can force healthy skin cells to get rubbed off your face. 

After washing and drying your face, it should feel smooth to the touch. If it feels tight, then you must be using a product that is too strong for your skin type. In this case, you should shift to a milder facial wash.

Use Facial Scrub

man using scrub to exfoliate skin to look younger

Every day, dirt and dead skin cells accumulate in the face and body. This can lead to a blockage on the pores, and will eventually cause acne and enlarged pores. Sometimes, the face may not have acne and pimples, but it may start to look dull. In some cases, it may appear flaky.

The solution to this is to use a facial scrub that has exfoliating properties. The scrub is going to remove the build-up, and you should do this two to three times a week. Choose the right product for your skin type, as there are many kinds of facial scrubs made specifically for dry skin and oily skin alike. We suggest using our ECOKISS Strawberry Stem Cell Scrub which is so gentle that it is great for all skin types, even the sensitive ones.

Before you scrub, wash your face with lukewarm water to wash away the dirt. Scrub harder on the T-zone, which is found where the lower forehead meets the nose line. Most of the time, these are the oiliest areas of your face. Do not scrub too hard, or it will damage your skin. Once you exfoliate, you will remove dead skin cells and also impurities found deep in your skin. Rinse with cold water.

Hydrate Your Skin

man in the bathroom using skincare products to look younger

The lack of water in the skin can cause dryness, itchiness, and flaking. The best way to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water. The alternative is to use moisturizers made for the skin. 

Use organic moisturizers like ECOKISS Strawberry Stem Cell Face Cream which will keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy. As a result, your skin will look firm, and it will glow.  

Moisturizers also come with properties that prevent aging. Some examples of these are products made with natural resources that are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. 

You should apply a moisturizer after the cleansing process and the scrub, before you sleep. The moisturizer will stay on your skin the whole night and work its magic while your body recovers. 

If you have dry skin, you may need to use a moisturizer at least twice a day. For oily skin, you only need to moisturize once. Apart from using moisturizer on your face, you must also use it on your body. Take note that a facial moisturizer is different from a body moisturizer, so you need to buy these two products separately.

Repair Your Skin

face cream Ecokiss

One cannot help but get signs and symptoms of unhealthy skin, especially if you are an active man, or if you are genetically likely to have dry or oily skin. In these conditions, you need to take extra steps to take care of your skin.

As a man, you are much more prone to environmental damage than women, especially if you smoke. Apart from this, your skin can go through what is called oxidative stress because of pollution, industrial chemicals, and the sun. 

If your skin gets damaged, you have to act quickly and fix it. 

The first thing that you need is an antioxidant, which is found in natural skin care products that are either made of tea, coffee, or Aloe Vera. These products are also rich in vitamin C, and can reduce the damage that is caused by oxidative stress. 

Oxidative stress happens when oxygen atoms in your body break apart and lose their electrons. As a result, these atoms forcefully get electrons from healthy cells, and these cells in turn are going to die. And if these cells die, you will have wrinkles and age faster. 

To fight oxidative stress, you must use specialized products and eat a diet rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants bind themselves with these oxygen atoms, called free radicals, and then flush them away.

Protect Your Skin

man sitting outside how to look younger

Prevention is always better than cure. Prevention means you equip yourself and your skin with the right tools to help fight harmful bacteria, chemicals, and even the sun.

The first thing you need is to ensure that you have enough collagen and Vitamin E in your body. You can buy these in tablet form, which you take orally, or eat the right diet. Some facial moisturizers also have collagen and vitamin E, so it makes sense to buy these products too.

If you are always under the sun, you have to use a lotion that has SPF 30, at the very least. This lotion should help shield your skin from the UV rays of the sun, thus preventing damage and even cancer. 

If possible, stay out of the sun. Take note that if you burn your skin, the damage may be irreversible. But if your work requires that you bake under it, then you must use a lotion that has more SPF power.

Better yet, wear protective gear like sleeves and a cap to prevent direct exposure. The truth, however, is that no amount of SPF can protect you from the sun if you are under it the whole day. 


Even as a guy, you certainly want to look good. But looking good through haircuts and shaving is just half of the equation—there is so much to do to maintain healthy, young, and vibrant skin. Follow this regiment that we recommend with organic skin care products, and you should have glowing skin in no time. 

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